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Healthy Relationships

are based on equality and equity.

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Equity Wheel

The Equity Wheel, also known as The Equality Wheel, is a visual representation of the qualities necessary for healthy relationships and serves as a guide for people who have engaged in abusive behavior to transition to non-violent partnerships. It is a integral part of the Duluth Model, which aims to address the dynamics of domestic violence. The Equity Wheel, used in conjunction with the Duluth Power and Control Wheel, helps raise awareness, educate, and promote positive relationship dynamics based on respect, equality, and the absence of violence.

There are some cultural considerations that we cannot ignore. This wheel should be used as a guide for healthy relationships although not all examples may apply. For example, there are heterosexual families that follow the traditional family structure where household chores are not shared, but rather the woman is in charge of the house and the man is in charge of going to work. This is not necessarily wrong, but we should note the freedom in making this decision and the freedom in having options. If this structure is established by mutual agreement because it simply works for the family and not by coercion, that is, both parties agree and are not strictly forced into this role, then it is considered that there is equity. Although, we must consider how society and for generations feed us the idea that women should only take care of the home and men go to work, without ever helping at home. When we are raised with these beliefs, as adults, we tend to follow what which we have been taught for so many years.

If you would like to download the Equity Wheel, click here.

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Why do they abuse?

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Healthy Relationships

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No one deserves to be abused no matter what.

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