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Educate yourself about domestic violence and sexual assault


The person who suffers abuse should always be the one who makes their own decisions.

5 Things to say to a survivor

1. I am concerned about your safety

2. I am concerned about the safety of your children

3. I am here to support you with whatever you need

4. You are not alone

5. You don't deserve to be abused

The risk of danger increases when the victim tries to leave
a relationship

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​It takes an average of seven times for a person to leave an abusive relationship. There are many factors why people get stuck in these relationships.

Educate yourself about domestic violence
and sexual assault

Respect the autonomy of the survivor

​Many times we think that pressuring someone to leave an abusive relationship is the best thing. But, it is important that the person decides to make the change when they are ready. Forcing them simply takes away what little autonomy they may have in their life because of the abuse. Respect their decisions.

Don't lose hope.

​It is important to believe that there can be a better future for your loved one who suffers violence.

Transmit that hope to them, encourage them that it is possible.

Help them create a safety plan.

​Contact our services or a local domestic violence and/or sexual assault program.

​Keep the communication open

​It is important to maintain contact with the person safely and foster that trust. Maybe you are the only person they can trust.

​It is important to believe survivors.

​It takes a lot of courage for someone to share that they have suffered sexual violence. Maybe you're the only person he's told. Thank the survivor for sharing their experience with you and show solidarity.

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